WV/WMD Youth Ministries Mass Youth Choir

Applications for 2018 are now being accepted for Youth Ministries Mass Choir membership!  If you were a member in 2017 or are interested in participating in the coming year, please complete the process for application.

 If you are interesting in worshiping the Lord and participating in the Youth Ministries Mass Youth Choir, please complete the form below no later than midnight on Sunday, December 31, 2017.   In the event that applications numbers exceed the space requirement for the stage, applicants will be reviewed based upon when they were received and authenticity of the application. Upon review and acceptance, you will receive an email with specific details including practice dates, songs to learn, expected dates that the choir will be singing, and expectations concerning involvement in the choir. 

Qualifications For Membership:

  1. Fill-out the form below no later than midnight on Sunday, December 31, 2017.

  2. Commit to personal preparation prior to choir practices

  3. Be present at practices and events that the Youth Ministries Mass Youth Choir is singing at. 

  4. Ensure that your pastor completes the pastor reference form.

  5. Send a video audition into youthchoir@wvupci.org .  This video should be no longer than three minutes (This is only required for new applicants for 2018.).

  6. Agree to abide my the WV/WMD District Platform Policy (see the requirements by clicking here)
Name *
Platform Policy *
I have read and agree to the Platform Policy as a participant in the Mass Youth Choir. (No acceptions allowed)
I understand that my Pastor must complete and separate form to complete my application for the District Youth Choir *