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SFC 2018


SFC 2018

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Students/Hyphens, you can get involved in raising funds for Sheaves for Christ today!

  • C31 Challenge

  • Real McCoy 

  • SFC Can Drive

  • A Night of Worship SFC Benefit

  • SFC Intersection Rallies

  Click  HERE  to download the Bike-a-Thon Sponsor Form.

Click HERE to download the Bike-a-Thon Sponsor Form.

A Night of Worship

Attend or participate in a new event sponsored by the wv/wmd Youth ministries department, 'A night of worship'. join us as we gather for an evening to lift up jesus and benefit sfc.

Click here to download the group participation application so you and your group can participate in song at our first ever 'a night of worship'!

Take the c31 Challenge!
Click here to learn more!

Raise of $1000 and be eligible for a FREE trip to St. Louis, Missouri, as a Real McCoy

Contact any WV/WMD Youth Ministries team member for information about ordering SFC Cans for you, your family, or your church! 

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Camp 2018

Camp 2018


Youth Camp 2018

Youth Camp 2018 will be held from Monday, July 9th to Friday, July 13th, at New River Ranch Ministry Center Campground in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Early registration cost is $150.00.  

Registration forms must be filled out entirely, signed by the student’s pastor and in the mail and postmarked by Friday, June 22, 2018. Campers may register on the first day of camp for an at-the-door registration price of $175.00.

Our camp evangelist is Reverend Sammy Sherrill, former Alabama
District Youth President. Brother Sherrill is an anointed preacher and is gifted in ministering to youth/student. The teens of our district are sure to be blessed by his ministry during the evening services as well as in the final day rally on Friday, July 13th.

Additionally, please be aware of the following items regarding times for campers to arrive and be picked up from the campground. Check-in and at-the-door registration will open on Monday, July 9th, at noon. On Friday, we will be concluding with a day rally service at 11:00am that will be followed by lunch and dorm clean-out. All campers must be picked up by 3:30pm as the campus will be closed. This is to ensure that campers and workers have ample time to return home following Youth Camp.

Dowload the Registration form HERE
Pre-Registration Deadline: Friday, June 22nd

Pre-Registration Fee: $150.00
At-the-Door Registration: $175.00

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For further assistance, please contact:
Roger Zimmerman, or Matthew Runyon,