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What is the C31 Challenge?

The C31 Challenge is a challenge put out to all students by the GYD.  The challenge is to get 31 people to donate $31 to SFC.


Download the started guide to give you some tips for getting started. There's also a form on the second page to keep track of your sponsors!

Why take the Challenge?

  1. SFC is a great cause.  SFC Funds support missionaries taking the Gospel all over the world including North America.  It supports homeless young people at the Tupelos Children’s Mansion and Light House Ranch for Boys.  SFC money also supports many things you enjoy doing in your district like Camp, CCYC, and Sr. Bible Quizzing.
  2. Any student completing the challenge will be awarded with a free scholarship to the next year’s youth camp.  Sectional Reps. may offer additional incentives.

I have completed my Challenge now what?

Go to and fill out the form.  Also go to and fill out the form to get your dot on the map!

What do I do with the money?

You can do one of two things once you have collected your commitments:

  1. Give it to your local Church so they can write one check to the district.
  2. Mail it to the Youth Secretary, Bro Roger Zimmerman

(Do not send cash in the mail)

Who should the checks be made to?

You can have your sponsors write the checks to your local assembly and your Pastor can send one check to the WV Youth Dept. or you can have them make their checks out to WV UPCI Youth.

Can I really do this?

YES! Young people from all over the country that are just like you have been able to complete the challenge.  You can do it if you just try! If you don’t finish no big deal you have still raised some money for a great cause!