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Sheaves for Christ 2019


Sheaves for Christ 2019

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Students/Hyphens, you can get involved in raising funds for Sheaves for Christ today!

  • C31 Challenge

  • Real McCoy 

  • SFC Can Drive

  • A Night of Worship SFC Concert

  • SFC Intersection Rallies

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Intersection Rally South 2019.PNG

If you’ve raised $1,000 or more for SFC this year, click the graphic above for access to the Real McCoy Application.

Have you raised between $100-$1,000 for Sheaves for Christ?

If so, click either graphic to access the 2019 Mountaineer Challenge application.

A Night of Worship

Join us for the annual ‘night of worship'. We will be lifting up the name of Jesus and raising funds for SFC on August 9th, at NCAC at 7:30pm!

Click here to download the group participation application so you and your group can participate in song at ‘night of worship'!